Lisa M White

                         Freelance Makeup Artist


This brand of artistry represents Empowerment, Confidence, Liberation and Beauty! There is no such thing as a set "Standard Of Beauty" since beauty is a UNIQUE standard in itself. Beauty is a state of mind, not merely an expression.


About Me

I am a little obsessed with beauty and makeup......(this is probably an understatement) My mission is to encourage curiosity about and passion for beauty, fashion and makeup. Beauty and makeup is an opportunity to explore and express the many dimensions of ourselves-not just a way to feel beautiful, but to be more confident in what makes us UniQue.

My name is Lisa, I adore products related to beauty such as skincare, hair, nails, fashion and of course makeup! I am a beauty junkie. Experienced artist for several years, my area of expertise include: Bridal, Beauty, Hair Service, Nail Service, Fashion, Glamour, Weddings/Events and Special Occasion Makeup. Unique Beauty by Lisa possesses a full range of makeup expertise that spans from soft and natural beauty (a top request from bridal clientele) to seductive glamour. Unique Beauty specializes in clean, beautiful, long-lasting makeup for all occasions. Whether it's a private event, photo/fashion shoot or a makeup update -

I can help create the "LOOK" for you.



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Lisa M White